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Most frequent asked Questions

Signing-up on Topiq is absolutely free. There are Free Courses that you can access through your Account, as well as paid Courses, which you can buy and use.

Topiq is a rather new e-Learning Platform, but ever extending and expanding. Although there are a handful of Courses for now, we will be adding more as and when they are ready.

All our Instructors have to go through some basic background and experience checks. Their submitted Content is verified, checked for quality and only then made available for use.

Topiq is still under development and therefore in its ‘Beta’ stage. There are issues that our Team is fixing and we hope to get the final release out the door, very soon.

Yes, all paid Content is for lifetime use. However, free Courses may become unavailable without notice or may even become paid Courses at a future date. Please read our Terms of Use for more information. 

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Topiq, and affiliate of 'www.skoolmo.com', is an online education site, which imparts knowledge and skills to hundreds of users worldwide.


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