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Choose from a variety of ‘Topiqs’ and immerse yourself in rich Content. Our Instructors are among the best in their fields and have a passion for teaching.

Free & Paid Courses

Choose from a wide range of both Free and Paid Courses.

Rich & Engaging Content

Immerse in basic and in-depth Content with Methods, Concepts and more.

Quizzes & Assignments

Test your knowledge through interactive Quizzes and Assignments.

Badges & Certificates

Stay motivated by earning Badges and Certificated for every milestone.

Experienced Instructors

Benefit from Instructors who have immense knowledge and experience.

Regular Updates

Always be a step ahead with the latest information and regular updates.

Improve Scores

Improve your test results, scores and ranks exponentially.

Sharpen Skills

Build upon your core strengths and learn from your weak-areas.

Gain Insights

Dive deep into Lessons and learn tips and tricks you never knew before.

Clear Doubts

Get in touch with Instructors to seek help or clarify your doubts.

Monitor Progress

Keep a tab on how much, how well and how fast you are learning.

Learn Anywhere

Keep up with the times: learn where you want and when you want to.

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We have just a handful for now, but will keep adding more.


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I have been through several Websites that promise everything and deliver nothing. Topiq seems to be one of the few that more than what is promised.
Shilpa Naidu
It's easy to get lost in a sea of online learning platforms. I'm glad I found Topiq and am excited to see what new Courses they add in the future.
Rohan Khandeja
I've really enjoyed creating Content on Topiq. I like the fact that I have complete freedom to build my Course and teach the way I want to teach.
Dr. Rakesh K. P.

About Us

Topiq, and affiliate of 'www.skoolmo.com', is an online education site, which imparts knowledge and skills to hundreds of users worldwide.


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